Sherlock, Shakespeare, and FIC

So, a RL friend and I are both Sherlock BBC fans (she got me into it, damn her). As I mentioned on Twitter that we've been spending our lunch break planning a fic where, as an experiment, Sherlock decides to see what would happen if he sent anonymous love poems to John.

We've since decided that because he's Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson is the co-conspirator, all of them are gonna be Shakespeare sonnets. So B and I are going through our anthologies, going through the sonnets, and messaging back and forth with ones that are very perfect for the boys.

Only every so often we come to sonnets or lines that remind us of the Episode Which Shall Not Be Named and...grrr.

Sonnet 88, lines 10-11
For bending all my loving thoughts on thee,
The injuries that to myself I do.

So far, we have a little over half a dozen sonnets chosen mostly because we keep getting distracted by the epic fangirl flailing of each other. :)

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Well, its official! I'm signed up for National Novel Writing Month! JadeTate if you want to check me out or friend me!

Synopsis of this years novel:

This ain't Twilight! When the plane Alex, Megan, and Tamara are on goes down in what should have been the middle of the Atlantic, they find themselvs on an island that shouldn't exist...and not just because of its location.

Now, they have twenty-four hours to find a way off the island because if they don't, they'll be stuck there....forever.

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I don't often make these sorts of posts but here we go.

Ten years ago I was a high school sophomore. I was in Arizona and when the towers were hit in New York, I was asleep. I don't remember much about that day (besides the moment of silence around the flag pole at lunch) but I do remember how I first heard of the news—by walking into my Drivers Ed class and finding the teacher watching the news and students frantically calling friends and family from their cell phones. As you can probably imagine, school that day was a joke and it didn't surprise me in the least when the principal cancelled afternoon classes. The rest of the day was spent with my sister, my mom, and my cousin at her house, watching the news.

A lot of people in the US have found their lives affected, myself included. My cousin's husband was sent to Afghanistan and nearly died twice. Friends from high school have gone into service—half the graduating class from that year enlisted once commencement was done. People I knew as kids have died halfway across the world, defending a basic, fundamental right of all human beings—to simply live.

I ask this Sunday that my flist remember that and take a moment during the day to simply think about the people who aren't here now and the hole their deaths left in so many people.

Remember 9-11.

Remember the lost.

Never forget.

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To My Flist

I was informed earlier today that I...can become emotionally stupid. I have this thing where if I thing where if I think someone is getting too close to the real me, I pull away and I pull away hard. Only a handful of people outside my immediate family have ever pulled back and made sure I realized I was being stupid. Two of them I've known since childhood and the third has a bipolar husband and is a stubborn little woman.

That said...I'd like to apologize. Since about Morphicon '10 I pulled away from fandom. I did so abruptly and fully and I know I left a ton of people in the lurch. I freaked out, plain and simple, and I shouldn't have. You guys are awesome, supportive, and amazing friends and I was an idiot.

So. I'm sorry.

Thanks for reading.

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.... *keyboard smash*

You know what I'd like? If TV networks would stop cancelling the shows I really really like RIGHT AFTER I GET INTO THEM!


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Song Suggestion help for a video for my sisters graduation?

So, my baby sister is graduating from High School in about three weeks (OMG!) and I've decided to make a picture slide-show of the munchkin using any and ALL pictures I can find (including ALL the ones of her looking dorky--:D). Anyway, I'm getting the pictures easily enough but I'm now trying to find songs to use. I don't just want the one song, I'm gonna WMM several into a medely of sorts. I already have one song chosen, that's gonna contain pictures of her and me (Pinky and the Brain, if you were wondering ;)) but I'm looking for suggestions for other songs. Funny, emotional, upbeat, slow, it doesn't matter as long as it kinda fits with graduation/growing up/sisterly bond.

If you do have suggestions, links to song downloads would also be highly appreciated.


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I'm BACK! - The British Museum - IMAGE HEAVY

I got back into Colorado at 7:30pm last night as I ended up with an half hour delay due to the rain in LA (I feel for everyone there--I was only there two hours but it was INSANE!). I got home about 10:30pm and didn't even unpack, I just Passed. Out.

I then woke up at 6:30am. Go figure.

Anyway, England was absolutely amazing! Some people have probably already seen some of the pictures on my facebook but I posted only a few as I was waiting till I got back home to go through them all. Now, however, I've gone through most of them and have about 250 I'll be printing out and sticking in a photo album. I'm not posting all of them but I thought some of you on my flist might like to see some.

I'm going to put this in separate posts to help with length and the image loads. First up, our trip to the British Museum, then the Doctor Who Experience in London, followed by Historical Tourist Sights in London, my day trip to Cardiff, Wales, and finally, Glastonbury Tor and Caerphilly Castle and Wells Cathedral.

That's the plan, anyway.

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There were other sections but you could visit different parts every day for a week and still not have seen everything they have. Since we only had an afternoon, we spent our entire visit in the two sections I was most interested in (Daniel's insistance, not mine).

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I met a fan... >.> <.

So, I went over to my friend Kristi's house to borrow her Doctor Who S5 DVD's. And we got to talking, she brought out her DW magazine, you know, fun times. Well, then, out comes her roommate Bernita and she joins the conversation.

And somehow it turns to ships in Doctor Who (don't ask me how, I think we were discussing Donna and then...ships *shrugs*). So we're talking and we have so many of the same and Kristi, who's the one who got me INTO Doctor Who is just sitting there shaking her head. And then, and THEN!

Bernita: Oh, you know, I read a fic where, it was a Doctor Who cross with Glee, and Rachel's two gay dads were Ten and Jack."
*Jade stares, thinking,* It can't be. No way.
Bernita: Uh huh and it was so cute!
Jade: What website was it on?
Bernita: Fanfiction.net, I thin--no, wait, no, I'm not--
Jade: Twisting the Hellmouth?
Bernita: Yeah, I think so!
Jade: By Jaded?
Bernita: Possibly, something like that.
Jade: With Butterfly Kisses and Amazing as the two songs?
Bernita: Yeah, you've read it too!
Jade: I, um, I wrote it. I'm Jaded.
*Bernita gapes and Kristi starts laughing.
Bernita: Really?
Jade: I --uh huh. I'm writing Shaken, Not Stirred right now.
Bernita: I'm reading that one too! *lurches forward* I'm gonna hug you now.
*Kristi falls off her stool, still laughing*

OMG! That's never happened to me before! I've pointed people towards my fic after meeting them, telling em my penname and stuff, but I've never actually had someone have read and reviewed my stuff before I met them!

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